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Remove Red Wine From Carpet


    I'll be the first to admit I love a glass of red wine at the end of the day. My doctor has given me the green light by saying a glass of red wine a day is good for you. In fact the Mayo Clinic has published some great information on the possible benefits of red wine. It appears antioxidents, and a polyphenol(resveratrol) found in red wine could be good for your heart. They prevent heart disease by increasing levels of good cholesterol, and protect against artery damage. The initial research shows it could help protect the lining of the blood vessels, reduce inflammation, and reduce the risk of blood clotting. Unfortunately a glass a day is the prescribed amount, and too much can hurt you in other ways.

Regardless of how the red wine ended up in your carpet, the tricky part is removing it from the carpet fibers. Most people seem to think they have to call a professional to remove a spilled glass of red wine from the carpet. I have a good friend who spilled a large glass of red wine on our off white carpet during a New Years Eve party we were having. With all my guest gathered around I removed the red wine completely. It's funny because many of my guests that evening still bring up how amazed they were at my removing the red wine from the carpet.

My removing red wine from carpet cleaning video provides a step by step guide to removing red wine from your carpet. We'll show you how to remove the red wine quickly, and effectively. In this video you'll see how the professionals remove red wine stains from carpet.