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How to Remove Gum from Carpet

 As you may be aware there are studies that suggest sugar free gum can be healthy.  When you are looking to curb your appetite and improve your memory, most of you are probably exercising, eating healthier foods and trying to get some sleep.  Those things are all good, but there is a suggestion that chomping on a stick of sugar-free gum may also be of benefit in these areas.  At least that's what some research Wrigleys Science Institute suggests.  Yes I know they make gum so who knows how valid it is, ot was at least reported by CNN so there is some validity I guess.  Apparently this  sort of data is part of a growing body of research that is giving Americans more reasons to pop some gum in their mouths and chew away.

The problem is chewing gum can be a huge pain when it gets smashed into your beautiful carpet. You may worry that gum will never come out of your carpet, but actually there are many different options when it comes to removing this sticky, gummy substance.  Although you may be careful when chewing gum in a carpeted area, accidents happen.

Regardless of how the gum ended up in your carpet, the tricky part is removing it once it has been squished into the carpet fibers. Many think of the task of getting gum out of the carpet as difficult, annoying, or even impossible.
My remove gum from carpet cleaning video provides a step by step guide to removing gum from your carpet. We'll show you how to clean and permanently remove the gum as quickly and as effectively as possible. In this video you'll see the perfect way to remove gum from your carpet. 


Gum Removal Cleaning Products

If you've ever gotten gum in your carpet you know how much of a pain it can be. and I am sure you found the remove gum from carpet video useful.  If you still have questions please contact Aunt Patti on the left side of the page.  As you watched my video, you will have noticed that we used a variety of gum cleaning products.  All of these products are readily available and although you can usually find these products anywhere online; I generally get them at the Cleaning Solutions Superstore.  

For more information about the gum removal products used to in the remove gum from carpet in this video click here.

To purchase the individual gum removal products used in this video, please click on the links below

  • This Chewing Gum Remover makes it very simple by freezing the gum making it really simple to get the gum out of the carpet.
  • Apply the final touch using All Citrus Gel to clean away the remaining gum residue.