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Grease Stain Removal from Carpet

Grease is a soft or melted animal fat that appears like a thick oil or viscous substance. If your are a fan of TV dinners or you have someone who works on bikes, cars or trucks and doesn't necessarily clean off, you have probably have had grease on the carpet.  Removing grease from carpet can be difficult. You need to make sure that you use the right products and methods to remove the grease stain.  My remove grease stains from carpet cleaning basics video provides a step by step guide to cleaning grease. We'll show you how to clean and permanently remove the grease stains as quickly and as effectively as possible. 



Grease Removal Cleaning Supplies

I am sure you found the remove grease stains from carpet video useful.  If you still have questions please contact Aunt Patti on the left side of the page.  As you watched my video, you will have noticed that we used a variety of grease stain cleaning products.  All of these products are readily available and although you can usually find these products anywhere online I generally get them at the Cleaning Solutions Superstore.  

To purchase the grease removal product used in this video, please click on the link below

  • Apply the cleaning touch using All Citrus Gel to clean away grease on your carpet.