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Patti Goellner

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About Aunt Patti

Patti Goellner developed her fascination with all things cleaning related at a young age. She was the youngest of five children and the only girl. Her mother worked to help support their large family, and it was young Patti’s job to clean the house. After school Patti would clean up the messes left by her four older brothers and start dinner. She actually enjoyed the routine and wanted more than anything to make her mom proud of her when she got home. As a result she was very particular about how the laundry was done, the house was cleaned and the meal was prepared.

Opportunities for attending  college weren’t available for young ladies during that era. Patti married at eighteen and got a job working in an office as a secretary. The marriage only lasted eight years but a beautiful baby girl by the name of Samantha was born in 1978.  Patti was a single mother juggling a career, and raising her infant daughter.
Patti met a dashing former Marine who worked for the Hoover Vacuum Company, and they married on July  4th of 1981. A year later on July 4th 1982 baby Heidi was born. Patti worked full time raising the children, and maintaining a beautiful home. Her husband’s career took off , and they moved to St. Louis, Los Angeles, and then to North Canton, OH. the headquarters for Hoover. Her husband Rich was in the commercial products division so she had an opportunity to meet many people in the commercial cleaning industry. It was during this time Patti began to notice the way the professionals cleaned and the products they used were way different from those sold at the grocery store. Patti began to use the commercial products Rich brought home, and it was amazing how much better they worked.

The year was 1991 and an opportunity to buy a Janitor Supply Company in St Louis came up. Patti and Rich talked it over and moved the family to St Louis. Rich worked as the General Manager for two years and in 1993 they bought the company. Patti jumped in with both feet managing everything but the sales department. She learned the customers, the products, the service department, and the warehouse. The company was unusual in that they also had a large retail store open to the public. Patti’s wanted homeowners to have access to the same products and training the professionals enjoyed. The company became quite famous in St Louis. Just about everyone knew of the company, and if people left St Louis they had Patti send them their favorite cleaning supplies.

Patti realized in 2009 a need existed beyond St Louis for education about cleaning. She decided to start Ask Aunt Patti, and help homeowners with those tough cleaning problems. She currently blogs about all subjects cleaning related, publishes a monthly email newsletter, and has posted 30 cleaning videos online for homeowners. She’s currently working on a book about cleaning that will take a humorous look at a subject many women dread.