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House Cleaning

Whether you call it house or home cleaning doesn't alter the fact that keeping your home clean is a challenge.  It is not easy; keeping your home just the way you like it generally consists of you constantly running around the house dusting, wiping, mopping, sweeping and washing.   You are in the right place for some great house cleaning tips.  Take the time to watch our videos with tips on how to stay on top of all those house cleaning chores. The first video is about cleaning your home in general, the right kind of tools to use, and some simple things to avoid. You'll find it helpful as a good starting point, and you're sure to pick up a couple of good tips for keeping your home clean.


 We have put together a series of videos about cleaning the house and you can see a selection listed below.

The Right House Cleaning Tools

The simplest way to make cleaning the home simpler is to use the right tools.

Outside Windows

Window cleaning might be a necessary task around the home but it can also be one of the most time-consuming home cleaning maintenance jobs.  Our outside window cleaning tips video helps save time and energy.

High Outside Windows

Reaching those difficult to get to high windows outside to apply the finishing touch require a careful approach.  Our video on cleaning high windows provides free cleaning tips.

Tile and Grout

If your tile and grout have not become completely clean, the next step is to try our tile and grout cleaning video.

Stone and Granite

Natural Stone and Granite are the epitome of grace, drama, elegance and value in the home.  Keeping them that way is made easy with our Stone and Granite cleaning tips

Leather Furniture

When you have leather furniture in the home it is like a magnet for every speck of dirt in the house.  Here is a video on how to keep leather clean.

Entrance Mats

Entrance mats are an important feature in any house.  Not just from an aesthetic stand point but clean entrance mats also help keep your house clean.

Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans can be a pain to clean.  Here our video shows how to use a dedicated brush to clean ceiling fans in your home.

Shiny Vinyl Floors

Vinyl floors look great when they are shiny.  In this video we show you step by step how to keep them shiny.

Household Silver

Keeping silver clean around the home is made simple with this silver cleaning video.

Stinky Drains

Find this product here.

Hydroxi Pro

Find this product here.