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Kitchen Cleaning

I love the Kitchen.  I socialize with friends, I cook wonderful (even if I say so myself) meals and sometimes I just relax with a cup of coffee.  I like my kitchen to be clean.  And don't I know the kitchen presents its own challenges when it comes to cleaning.  Kitchen cleaning is a lot more than wiping down countertops and mopping the floor.  Nowadays, the kitchen is the center of the home and experiences a lot more traffic than in days past. Caring for specific areas in the kitchen like granite countertops, tile floors, grout and other areas requires just the right technique matched with the perfect product.

I have used my years of experience to put together a few videos about specific techniques for kitchen cleaning.

Maintaining Kitchen Stone Surfaces

Stone and granite surfaces are a wonderful feature in any kitchen.  Keeping your stone surfaces looking pristine takes regular care and attention.  This kitchen cleaning video will explain the steps necessary to keep your kitchen stone surfaces looking as good as new.

Cleaning Kitchen Floor Tile & Grout

Kitchen tile and grout is difficult to keep clean.  The grout is one of those things where you don't notice the dirt immediately because it is in between the tiles.  I call it creeping dirt, it creeps up on you until one day you say to yourself wasn't my grout white not grey?  This video will show you how to clean your kitchen tile and grout no matter how long it took to find that it was dirty!

Cleaning Kitchen Vinyl Floors

Kitchen vinyl floors are attractive when they are clean and shiny.  I have always found that keeping them that way for an extended period of time is best achieved using the correct cleaning techniques.  This video explains how to clean your vinyl floors clean while you maintain the shine! 

Why Don't My Kitchen Floors Shine Any More?

I am nothing if not curious, particularly when it comes to problems in my kitchen.  This video details the range of issues that can dull any kitchen floor.  If you know what causes a problem it is much easier to avoid.

Cleaning Your BBQ Grill (OK, so it's not in the kitchen... but it is related)

Now I have to say that Barbeque Grills are left to the man of the house in my home.  That means cleaning them too!  I have found that the best way to ensure our BBQ grill is clean for every use is to provide all the right tools and information that allows the BBQ grill to be cleaned easily.  This is a video that every man with a BBQ grill should watch.

Polishing Kitchen Silver

Polishing silver can be a lot of work but it is the final piece of the puzzle for any great family, dinner, party or event.  This video provides tips on getting your kitchen silver spotless and shiny for months.

Cleaning Glass Top Stoves

Hydroxi Pro

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