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Cleaning Leather Furniture

Leather furniture is expensive, and we’re conditioned to think of it as a delicate furniture cover material.  Leather though is really known for its durability thats why we like it.  The problem is it can be a scary thing to clean.  If you have leather furniture whether it is your favorite couch or just a plain seat, you need to know how to clean and maintain it to keep it looking new. We'll show you exactly that in our video below.




Leather Furniture Cleaning Supplies

I am sure you found the Clean Leather Furniture video useful.  If you still have questions please contact Aunt Patti on the left side of the page.  As you watched my video, you will have noticed that we used a particular Leather Furniture cleaning product.  This product is readily available and although you can usually find this product anywhere online I generally get them at the Cleaning Solutions Superstore.  

To purchase the Leather Furniture Cleaning product used in this video, please click on the link below


  • As the name suggests Leather Magic helps restore and clean leather furniture.