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Carpet Stains | Getting Stains out of Carpet

This section is not about cleaning the entire carpet.  Here: I am providing useful stain cleaning tips on getting stains out of carpet and removing carpet spots.  Nothing presents challenges to maintaining a clean home like carpet stains. Most people have carpeting in their homes, and have the carpet cleaned on a regular basis. The problem arises when something is spilled on the carpet or somehow an unwanted stain appears.  How do you get stains out of a carpet?

There are many ways to clean stains from carpet, and depending on what the stain consists of it's very important that you choose the right cleaning product.  I want a carpet stain to stay out when I clean it so this video shows the correct way to get the carpet stain out so it doesn't come back.. Browse through our list of videos about getting stains out of carpet below for the one that best solves your problem.

If you don't see a solution for the challenge you're having when it comes to your carpeting, just fill in our form on the left side of the page with your question and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

Removing Pet Stains & Odors From Carpet

Nobody likes the little accidents our dogs and cats leave us on the carpet.  Pet stains in the carpet - yuk! When my Kitty occasionally leaves a mess I am just grateful she is not really the tiger she thinks she is!  This free cleaning video explains how to simply remove the complete pet stain from your carpet and prevent nasty odors.

Removing Gum From Carpet

If you have children; this will happen just when you least expect it.  I will show you how to remove gum from your carpet without hassle.   

Removing Dye and Juice Stains From Carpet

When I say dye that doesn't necessarily mean I expect someone will spill a bottle of dye on their carpet!  I mean that you may spill a liquid that contains a dye component on your carpet.  This free cleaning video details the steps necessary to remove dye and juice stains from your carpet.  

Removing Lipstick & Nail Polish From Carpet

Whenever this happens to me it is always as I am getting ready for a fun night out.  Having a simple way to remove Lipstick and Nail Polish from carpets is worth it when you are minutes from leaving! This free cleaning video provides the information you need.

Removing Grease Stains From Carpet

I just hate grease and I hate it even more when it gets in my carpet!  This video explains how to use naturally occurring solvents to correctly remove the stain from your carpet.

Removing Ink Stains From Carpet

So maybe you have perfect children who don't write on the carpet?  In my house they were not perfect when it came to ink pens.  So I had to learn how to remove ink from my carpets.

Removing Ketchup From Carpet

"I was just shaking the bottle Mommy and ketchup went everywhere!"  If you have heard that before this video will help it gives the correct way to completely eliminate ketchup stains from your carpet.

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