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Cleaning a Barbeque | BBQ Grill Cleaning

If you're like me, you love to grill in the summertime or even year-round.  Chilling at the grill with the BBQ is just such fun.  I will even grill out during the winter with an outdoor fireplace roaring and the barbeque sizzling.  It is just a wonderful way to be with family and friends.   All too often the ladies gather inside in the kitchen, drink tea or wine, and prepare salads and share the latest gossip, while the men supervise the lighting of the BBQ, drink beer, and share their latest news.  I like to have everyone outside together as it just seems more enjoyable that way.

Cleaning your grill however, is probably not quite as enjoyable. My video shows you how to clean a grill efficiently and make it look brand-new every time.



Barbeque Grill Cleaning Products

I am sure you found the BBQ Grill cleaning video useful.  If you still have questions please contact Aunt Patti on the left side of the page.  As you watched my video, you will have noticed that we used a variety of BBQ Grill cleaning products.  All of these products are readily available and although you can usually find these products anywhere online I generally get them at the Cleaning Solutions Superstore.

All the Barbeque | BBQ cleaning products we used in the How to Clean your BBQ Grill Video are available together or individually.....  

  • These Green Micro Fiber Cleaning Rag do a great job cleaning but replace paper towels (and those awful plastic wraps they come in) saving money and helping the environment.
  • A hand held Scrub Brush that actually fits in your hand! Its such a joy I have one for around the house and one for the grill.
  • These Stainless Steel Wipes are designed specifically for stainless steel grills.
  • You might look a little funny in Safety Glasses but it is better to be safe with your eyes.
  • This Utility Bucket  is very handy when moving around between inside and outside cleaning your grill.
  • This Stainless Steel Cleaner cleans, polishes and protects stainless steel grills.