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How to get food stains out of carpet

Tis the season for friends, and family entertaining. It also is the season for dropped plates, spilled drinks, and cheese dip in your carpet. Unfortunately this happens when people get together, and food is served. Never fear because now that you’re reading this blog you’ll get those stains out of your carpet with ease. The first thing you want to do when Uncle Ned announces he’s dropped his plate of food on your carpet is to scrape up as much as you possibly can. I want you to get an absorbent towel, and blot up as much of the spill as you can. What’s left is the stain on the fibers we’re going to draw out using the same methods the professionals use. You’ll need a good carpet spot remover, and more absorbent towels. I want you to spray the stain with the spot remover, and using a metal spoon agitate the stain working from the outside of the stain in towards the center. We do this so you don’t make the stain bigger. When you see the stain releasing from the carpet fibers it’s time to blot the stain with your absorbent towels. This draws the stain up, and out of the carpet into the towel. Repeat until the stain is completely removed. Flush the area with water, and blot again to remove any chemical from your carpet. Watch a short video on this process by clicking here.


How to remove grease from your carpet

You’re probably asking yourself how could grease find it’s way into someones carpet. If you have a husband like mine who loves to fix things in the garage it happens. Grease removal from carpet is one of those substances requiring a specialty chemical. The all purpose go to spotter that removes everything just doesn’t remove grease. You can watch this short video on how to remove grease by clicking here. The product used in the video is available by clicking here. Remember as with removing any substance out of carpet you agitate the stain inward so as not to spread it, and blot the stain out of the carpet using an absorbent rag. Flush the carpet with water after removing the stain to remove the chemical used, and blot again.


Removing gum from carpets

Having many friends with children I get asked frequently how to remove chewing gum from carpets. Having two daughters myself I’ve never figured out how the gum gets from the their mouth into my carpet. The good news is it’s really easy to get out if you know how. The best way is to freeze the gum with a really great product I found called Gum Out. It’s made by a company in Illinois Claire Manufacturing. You spray the gum in the carpet for five seconds then pop it out using a teaspoon. If it doesn’t all pop out the first time spray the gum and repeat. I’ve heard about using ice cubes to freeze the gum , and I’m going to tell you it doesn’t work. It doesn’t freeze the gum, and all you end up with is a wet sticky mess.

     The other product I’ve found that works is made by Core Products out of Texas, and it’s called Citrus Gel. This product dissolves the gum. You need to work fast with this product, and have some rags handy to pull the gum out of the carpet. If you don’t it will dissolve it but it will run down into the backing of the carpet. Aunt Patti understands gum occasionally will magically get in your carpet if you have little ones. Also another fact if you have more than one child you’ll find all are innocent of the crime. Good luck , and for more cleaning tips, and tricks check out my website at