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Why your no wax floor has lost its shine

I have many friends who want to know why their no wax vinyl tile floor doesn’t shine anymore. The other question I get is why do I constantly have to apply mop and glo to my floors to keep them shiny. The following answer is going to solve both problems.

Cleaning is a lot like basic chemistry. When a professional  needs to remove wax from a floor they use a stripper. Before some of you get too excited a stripper in the cleaning industry is a product used to emulsify the wax so you can remove it from the floor.  Chemical strippers tend to be high alkaline in PH. Many of the products sold in the grocery store or big box store for cleaning floors are alkaline in PH. They are great at cleaning but unfortunately they are also taking your factory finish off your floors. In the case of my friend who is constantly having to apply a Mop-and-Glo product to her floor, her cleaner is removing the shine she just put on.

The answer is not cleaning your floor with water. Water is close to PH neutral but it has no surfactants to lift dirt from your floor. What the professionals use to maintain the super shiny floors you often see in the grocery store is a neutral PH floor cleaner. These are highly dilutable with most requiring you to use 1 ounce with a gallon of water. You’ll find them at a janitor supply store. They cater to the professional trade.

Now for those of you who thought Aunt Patti was going to get a bit racy when I mentioned strippers. Sorry to disappoint you. My job is to keep it clean. I hope the above information helps you. Also if you’d like to get more information on this subject go to my web site where there is even a short video on this subject.

Aunt Patti