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It’s time to polish the silver

The holiday season is upon us, and it’s tradion to use the good china once a year at Christmas. This also means polishing the silver if you haven’t sold it already. With silver hovering around$37 an ounce it’s a thought, and just think you’d never have to polish it again. I can remember my mom spending hours polishing the silver in anticipation of the big Christmas dinner. I can make it a lttle easier for you with a good home made cleaning solution. I’m also going to share another way of polishing the silver using a fantastic commercial product. This way is for the folks who want to short cut, and have truly gleaming silver. First the home made solution. I want you to line a large baking dish or your kitchen sink with aluminum foil. Fill with hot steaming water, add two tablespoons of baking soda, and two tablespoons of salt. Place your silver in the solution so it’s touching. You’ll be able to see the tarnish coming off. When you remove your silver buff with a dry rag. Now for the folks like me who want to cheat, and have really gleaming silver. I recommend using Porters Friend Silver Polish or a product called Flitz. I’ve had great luck with both. Watch a short video of the process by clicking here. Before using the silver on the big day I’d give it a quick run through the dishwasher to remove any polish residue on the silver. If you’re storing your silver after polishing it will maintain a shine for up to six months.