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Easy ways to eliminate unpleasant odors

I’m going to share some great idea’s that have been around a long time to eliminate unpleasant odors at home. A stinky garbage disposal can be fixed by feeding it lemon, or lime rinds. A odorous pair of sneakers can be made fresh by inserting a dryer sheet in each shoe. Wet sneakers can be dried rapidly, and kept stink free by shoving balled up newspapers into the shoes. Use your old coffee grounds to absorb odors in you refrigerator. Spread the used wet coffee grounds on a baking sheet, and dry in the oven on warm. Gather into a bowl, and put in your fridge. Cat litter can be freshened by adding used dried tea leaves to the cat litter. Lastly open your windows, and let the sun shine in. Sunlight, and fresh air works wonders on making your house smell wonderful.