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Vacuums designed for a man

I’ve been affiliated with the cleaning products industry for over 31 years. I own a cleaning products store in St Louis Missouri, and I’m married to a guy who used to be an executive with the Hoover Company. After much study, and analysis I’ve come to the conclusion that a vacuum designed for a man does not exist. Don’t get me wrong many men come into my retail store in St Louis. They ask about how much CFM the vacuum has, the water lift, the horse power, and how many amps the machine uses. Being a woman I think here’s a guy who’s really interested in vacuums. I politely answers his questions, and I show him how the machine works. I try to get him to try the machine, and with out fail they refuse to touch the vacuum. It’s almost like I’m putting a hot poker in their hands. They usually recoil in horror, and if they’re with the wife they tell her to try it. Usually with a statement like she’ll be the one using it. I find it some what odd that guys who ask such detailed engineering questions at least don’t want to try the vacuum out. If the man is alone he’ll possibly buy one, but he’ll mention it’s for his house keeper. I always like when a couple is looking at vacuums, and the wife finds one that meets her needs. It’s great when the husband then declares you don’t need one that good. I bet when he needs a tool for his job, a new fishing rod, or a shotgun he probably consults his wife before making the big purchase. I wonder if a manufacturer came out with a ride on vacuum with a built in TV, a can holder for your beer, and big oversized tires if guys would want to use these. It would have to have lots of horse power because men buy everything based on how much horse power a product has. I never understood the relationship between horse power, and accomplishing a task. I’ve come to the conclusion if you want to see a guy who pushes a vacuum you need to marry an executive from the Hoover Company otherwise you’re out of luck.


Cleaning leather furniture.

Leather furniture is very popular, but it does require some care. During the colder months the humidity drops, and your leather furniture tends to dry out. You can keep this from happening by applying a good leather conditioner. A leather conditioner will moisturize, and make your leather soft to the touch. If your leather gets dirty you can clean it with the right product, and a little knowledge. Watch a short video on cleaning a leather chair by clicking here.


Toilet Cleaning Made Easy

Everyone has cleaned a toilet in their life, unless maybe you’re Donald Trump. Would you be surprised if I told you a housekeeper in a hotel cleaned it differently than you or I? I’m going to share with you the tips, and tricks they use. The first thing you’ll need is a good pair of rubber gloves, a toilet bowl brush, and some toilet bowl cleaner. The gloves can be any type of rubber, or latex gloves. Examination gloves are 100 to a box and you throw them away after using. The toilet bowl brush shouldn’t have any exposed metal that will scratch the porcelain. Most hotel housekeepers use a soft brush, or swab. Lastly the cleaner can be a non acid bowl cleaner, or acid. Acid bowl cleaners come in phosphoric acid , or hydrochloric acid. Phosphoric is mild and relatively safe. Hydrochloric acid can be dangerous but in areas where hard water, and minerals are prevalent is sometimes the only thing to get the job done. Hydrochloric acid bowl cleaners come in varying strengths. A 9% is weaker than a 23%. Wearing eye protection when cleaning a toilet bowl is a good rule of thumb especially if you’re using an acid.

Using your brush or bowl swab I want you to flush the toilet, and as water starts to fill it push the water down the hole at the bottom of the toilet. Your goal is to get as much water out of the bowl as possible. The reason being when you add the bowl cleaner you don’t want it diluted by the water. Add the bowl cleaner, and starting under the rim swab the chemical from the top down to the bottom of the bowl. Allow this to sit in the toilet bowl for 5 to 10 minutes so the chemical has time to work. Return with your bowl brush or swab to give it a final scrubbing then flush. Hotel housekeepers will empty the water out of the bowl add the cleaner, and clean the rest of the bathroom before doing the toilet last. A final caution is if your bathroom floor is polished stone make sure you don’t drip any of the bowl cleaner on the stone as it will etch the stone removing the shine. Watch a short video of how this is done by clicking here.


How to get food stains out of carpet

Tis the season for friends, and family entertaining. It also is the season for dropped plates, spilled drinks, and cheese dip in your carpet. Unfortunately this happens when people get together, and food is served. Never fear because now that you’re reading this blog you’ll get those stains out of your carpet with ease. The first thing you want to do when Uncle Ned announces he’s dropped his plate of food on your carpet is to scrape up as much as you possibly can. I want you to get an absorbent towel, and blot up as much of the spill as you can. What’s left is the stain on the fibers we’re going to draw out using the same methods the professionals use. You’ll need a good carpet spot remover, and more absorbent towels. I want you to spray the stain with the spot remover, and using a metal spoon agitate the stain working from the outside of the stain in towards the center. We do this so you don’t make the stain bigger. When you see the stain releasing from the carpet fibers it’s time to blot the stain with your absorbent towels. This draws the stain up, and out of the carpet into the towel. Repeat until the stain is completely removed. Flush the area with water, and blot again to remove any chemical from your carpet. Watch a short video on this process by clicking here.


How to eliminate germs in your home

Did you know your toilet may have less harmful bacteria than your kitchen sink. Food particles left on plates to soak, or rinsed off the plates become a fertile breeding ground for bacteria. Having a garbage disposal gives those crumbs, and pieces of food an area to become lodged. Your drain plug at the bottom of the sink is a favorite repository for unwanted critters. If you use your sink to prepare ground beef or poultry salmonella and ecoli is often present. If you think about it we normally just rinse the sink when we’re done using it. We normally clean our toilets with a bowl cleaner that’s also a disinfectant. It’s no big surprise your kitchen sink could be harboring some nasty  germs. You can remedy this situation by cleaning your sink thoroughly with hot soapy water after each use. In addition a bleach, and water mixture, or a disinfectant diluted will kill any germs lurking in your garbage disposal. Lastly don’t forget to wash your drain plug, and drain at the bottom of the sink.


Care and Cleaning of Wood Floors

The care and cleaning of wood floors requires a little knowledge on the owners part. Is your wood floor factory finished, or urethane coated? If not is it an older floor with paste or liquid wax on it? You need to know because the cleaning chemicals used are different for each. The only common care tip used on both is to dust mop the floors frequently. Dust mopping removes the sandy gritty dirt that wears the finish off the floor. Find out how to tell what kind of wood floor you have, and get floor care tips from the factory experts by clicking here.


Easy ways to eliminate unpleasant odors

I’m going to share some great idea’s that have been around a long time to eliminate unpleasant odors at home. A stinky garbage disposal can be fixed by feeding it lemon, or lime rinds. A odorous pair of sneakers can be made fresh by inserting a dryer sheet in each shoe. Wet sneakers can be dried rapidly, and kept stink free by shoving balled up newspapers into the shoes. Use your old coffee grounds to absorb odors in you refrigerator. Spread the used wet coffee grounds on a baking sheet, and dry in the oven on warm. Gather into a bowl, and put in your fridge. Cat litter can be freshened by adding used dried tea leaves to the cat litter. Lastly open your windows, and let the sun shine in. Sunlight, and fresh air works wonders on making your house smell wonderful.


Removing carpet spots and stains.

If you can dream it I guarantee someone has accidentally spilled it on their carpet. I get inquiries every week about an all in one carpet spotter. A carpet spotter so great it will remove anything. I’m here to tell you there isn’t one. When you think of the different compositions of everything possible that could be spilled on a carpet it would be near impossible to come up with a product which would remove everything.

Now I’ll let you in on a little secret. I’ve found a product which comes pretty darn close. It’s an industrial strength carpet spotter, and it is my new best friend. It removes blood, wine, feces, urine, vomit,kool aid, berry stains, coffee, tea, cola, cosmetics, dairy products, food spills, fruit juice, grass, gravy, grime, ketchup, chocolate, pet stains, and spaghetti sauce. I know by now you’re desperate for the name of this wondrous product. Click here for the name of the product, and an instructional video on it’s use. I hope this helps you clean better, smarter, faster, and cheaper.


Window Cleaning Made Easy

If you’re like most people you put off cleaning your windows because it’s such a pain to do. After cleaning 2 or 3 windows with your spray glass cleaner, and paper towels it feels like your arm is going to fall off. I’m here to tell you it doesn’t have to be that way. Professional window cleaners can clean a window in minutes. Next time you’re out watch for them cleaning glass. If you have a few minutes pay attention to how fast they clean glass, and how effortless they make it look. You’re probably thinking I could never do that, and where would I get the tools to even start. The tools are readily available, and it’s super easy. You may not be as fast as a professional window cleaner, but you’ll still do it in a fraction of the time you used to. Click here to see a video, along with a short explanation of how it’s done. Thanks for taking the time to read this. Let me know if this helps you by taking the time to comment.


Why are my dishes still dirty after going through my dishwasher

I don’t know if any of you have noticed, but chances are your dishes aren’t coming clean after running them through your dishwasher. When you look at your glasses do they have a grey film to them? Is the inside door of your dishwasher coated with  white stuff? Do your plates have a film on them, and lack the squeeky clean feel they used to have? Well if this sounds familiar I have a little secret I want to share with you. It’s not your dishwasher. It’s the dishwasher detergent you’re using.

Last year 17 states, and Canada mandated the removal of all phosphates from dish detergents. This is a great thing for the envirenment, but my dishes are now dirty after going through the dishwasher. The government made an exception for institutional dishwashing powder used by restaurants, and commercial applications. I guess they don’t want us eating off dirty dishes when we go to Denny’s. I wonder why they quietly banned phosphates in our dishwashing detergent in only 17 states, and not all of them. Why are phosphates used in fertilizers for lawns, and farm applications? I’m sleeping much better here in America knowing that with a 14 trillion dollar national debt, 9%+ unemployment, three wars, and a housing crisis our government has protected us from phosphates in our dish detergents. The problem is I’d like to go back to the days of clean dishes, and glasses with no film on them.

I know a way you all can get the good old dishwasher detergent with phosphates. Your local janitor supply, or restaurant supply company carries brand name dishwasher soap with phosphates. They aren’t going to check your identification to see what restaurant you own. If they ask what restaurant you own tell them Mom’s. If you’re like me with a husband who expects to be fed along with kids, it feels like you’re running a restaurant anyway. If you’d like to contact me directly drop me an email at

                                                                              Aunt Patti