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Vacuums designed for a man

I’ve been affiliated with the cleaning products industry for over 31 years. I own a cleaning products store in St Louis Missouri, and I’m married to a guy who used to be an executive with the Hoover Company. After much study, and analysis I’ve come to the conclusion that a vacuum designed for a man does not exist. Don’t get me wrong many men come into my retail store in St Louis. They ask about how much CFM the vacuum has, the water lift, the horse power, and how many amps the machine uses. Being a woman I think here’s a guy who’s really interested in vacuums. I politely answers his questions, and I show him how the machine works. I try to get him to try the machine, and with out fail they refuse to touch the vacuum. It’s almost like I’m putting a hot poker in their hands. They usually recoil in horror, and if they’re with the wife they tell her to try it. Usually with a statement like she’ll be the one using it. I find it some what odd that guys who ask such detailed engineering questions at least don’t want to try the vacuum out. If the man is alone he’ll possibly buy one, but he’ll mention it’s for his house keeper. I always like when a couple is looking at vacuums, and the wife finds one that meets her needs. It’s great when the husband then declares you don’t need one that good. I bet when he needs a tool for his job, a new fishing rod, or a shotgun he probably consults his wife before making the big purchase. I wonder if a manufacturer came out with a ride on vacuum with a built in TV, a can holder for your beer, and big oversized tires if guys would want to use these. It would have to have lots of horse power because men buy everything based on how much horse power a product has. I never understood the relationship between horse power, and accomplishing a task. I’ve come to the conclusion if you want to see a guy who pushes a vacuum you need to marry an executive from the Hoover Company otherwise you’re out of luck.