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Toilet Cleaning Made Easy

Everyone has cleaned a toilet in their life, unless maybe you’re Donald Trump. Would you be surprised if I told you a housekeeper in a hotel cleaned it differently than you or I? I’m going to share with you the tips, and tricks they use. The first thing you’ll need is a good pair of rubber gloves, a toilet bowl brush, and some toilet bowl cleaner. The gloves can be any type of rubber, or latex gloves. Examination gloves are 100 to a box and you throw them away after using. The toilet bowl brush shouldn’t have any exposed metal that will scratch the porcelain. Most hotel housekeepers use a soft brush, or swab. Lastly the cleaner can be a non acid bowl cleaner, or acid. Acid bowl cleaners come in phosphoric acid , or hydrochloric acid. Phosphoric is mild and relatively safe. Hydrochloric acid can be dangerous but in areas where hard water, and minerals are prevalent is sometimes the only thing to get the job done. Hydrochloric acid bowl cleaners come in varying strengths. A 9% is weaker than a 23%. Wearing eye protection when cleaning a toilet bowl is a good rule of thumb especially if you’re using an acid.

Using your brush or bowl swab I want you to flush the toilet, and as water starts to fill it push the water down the hole at the bottom of the toilet. Your goal is to get as much water out of the bowl as possible. The reason being when you add the bowl cleaner you don’t want it diluted by the water. Add the bowl cleaner, and starting under the rim swab the chemical from the top down to the bottom of the bowl. Allow this to sit in the toilet bowl for 5 to 10 minutes so the chemical has time to work. Return with your bowl brush or swab to give it a final scrubbing then flush. Hotel housekeepers will empty the water out of the bowl add the cleaner, and clean the rest of the bathroom before doing the toilet last. A final caution is if your bathroom floor is polished stone make sure you don’t drip any of the bowl cleaner on the stone as it will etch the stone removing the shine. Watch a short video of how this is done by clicking here.