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Pet odors on concrete floors

Twice in the last week I’ve had customers come to me with pet odor problems, and for a change it didn’t involve carpet. The one gentleman bought a house where the previous owner had locked the dogs in the basement while he went to work. The dogs relieved themselves on the concrete when the urge arose. I imagine this had gone on for some time. The new owner had scrubbed the floor repeatedly but the odor would come back.

I was able to help him and I’ll share the solution with you. First of all let me explain why just cleaning it didn’t work. The dog waste had soaked into the unsealed concrete floor over a long period of time, and the smell was coming from inside the concrete. I sold the man a gallon of a hospital grade disinfectant/cleaner. The floor surface was already clean from repeated scrubbings, so I told him to dilute this product one ounce to a gallon of water and spray the floor completely. He needed to do this for a minimum of a week to kill the bacteria causing the odors in the floor. Now I know someone reading this will say to themselves if an ounce to a gallon is good more has to be better. My advise is don’t do it. It won’t kill  bacteria faster, and you’ll be wasting money.

Now what to do with the left over disinfectant/cleaner. Mix it up in spray bottles and use it to clean the sinks in the bathroom. Spray it on doorknobs, toilet handles, or any surface people touch. It’ll really help cut down on the spread of colds and flu. The best part is you can order this product from . The product is Arena disinfectant.

Aunt Patti