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How to eliminate germs in your home

Did you know your toilet may have less harmful bacteria than your kitchen sink. Food particles left on plates to soak, or rinsed off the plates become a fertile breeding ground for bacteria. Having a garbage disposal gives those crumbs, and pieces of food an area to become lodged. Your drain plug at the bottom of the sink is a favorite repository for unwanted critters. If you use your sink to prepare ground beef or poultry salmonella and ecoli is often present. If you think about it we normally just rinse the sink when we’re done using it. We normally clean our toilets with a bowl cleaner that’s also a disinfectant. It’s no big surprise your kitchen sink could be harboring some nasty  germs. You can remedy this situation by cleaning your sink thoroughly with hot soapy water after each use. In addition a bleach, and water mixture, or a disinfectant diluted will kill any germs lurking in your garbage disposal. Lastly don’t forget to wash your drain plug, and drain at the bottom of the sink.


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